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In this Episode 114: Know When It’s Time to Say Goodbye, I discuss:

*the end of my career in Chiropractic, and why I’m saying goodbye

*my journey in developing my message online, and how I want to be all in with my Coaching Programs and how this means having a singular focus on this

*why there are many look at our decision to move forward from Chiropractic, and think we are crazy

*how I am (and my husband) listening to The Voice in this decision, as well as move from Alberta to BC

*how I could just stay where I am, and it would be comfortable and easy (but what I simply cannot do this)

*that your decision to say goodbye to the people, places and things in your Life

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Journal today for 10 mins: WHAT is the Life you want to have? What is The Voice telling YOU about this, Sister?

If your Life is different than what you really want, take THREE action steps towards making this a Reality.

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