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In this Episode 124: Are You Scared of Your Own Power?, I discuss:

*how I woke up the other morning terrified after closing my Chiropractic Practice and from all the other massive Life changes happening in my Life right now

* that the reason I felt this way, was that I felt afraid of my own Power

*the same feeling I had over 20 years ago at a Chiropractic Seminar

*but how the difference from when I felt this in my late 20s to what I felt today, is that I was able to recognize and course correct and SEE it for what it was, and that I am capable of MORE that how I am showing up in my Life now

*LISTEN to me run a Positive Focus in this, and the Gift and the Lesson I extracted from it

*POWER is a Choice

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Run a Positive Focus on a Challenge you are having in your Life right now.

What is the Lesson you see from it?

Then make sure to apply it to your Body, Being, Balance and Business.

Then send me a private message on my personal Facebook page, post on my wall, or on the Women Wanting More FB page to let me know what has come up for you with this.


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