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In this Episode 147: Why I Give a S*$t About Your Marriage I discuss:

*my mission to connect with 100 women personally at my Live events over the next 12 months (and 100 Marriages healed and strengthened)

*how my focus will be on Marriage, which is the #1 issue of the Women that I Coach in my programs

*that Marriage is the Foundation to the rest of your Life

*having a healthy Marriage is the BEST way to teach your Kids what Love truly is

*that people are so fast to divorce now versus working on the challenges in it

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What do you want with your Marriage? What it look like if it was exactly the way you wanted it to be.

Write it in your Journal.

Sit down and share a powerful conversation with your Husband and share this with him.

Then send me a private message on my personal Facebook page, post on my wall, or on the Women Wanting More FB page to let me know what has come up for you with this.


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