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In this Episode 21: Why the Middle Hurts the Most:  

*a revelation I had upon reading Brene Brown’s latest book, Rising Strong

*the sticky/middle part I am now going through in my life since my husband and I decided to start doing the work to create a Life of Having it All

*why most people will quit in the middle, but really, it’s a defining moment to decide how badly you want it


Where do you feel stuck in your life RIGHT NOW?

Where are you in the Middle?

Your marriage? Your relationship with your kids?  Your business?  Your health?

Instead of quitting, just know that EVERYONE who works hard to have a Life of MORE will get to this place.

Keep doing the work everyday anyways.

It will get better.  You’re almost there. 

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Episode 18: How the Start Your Day: the MORE Four

Books by Brene Brown: 

The Gifts of Imperfection 

Daring Greatly

Rising Strong

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