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In Episode 266 I discuss:

 *the amount of time it took me to get to become a Mom, a Chiropractor, and to make my Marriage its BEST ever

*that it takes TIME and Patience to get you what you want in your Life, particularly the most important things 

*how most are unwilling to put in the work, yes, hard work it takes to get what you want, and will quit when it gets too hard or they can’t figure it out

*if I didn’t have the Patience to find a Message inside of me, a Message that was only a feeling inside of me 5 years ago, you would not be reading these words, and there would not be the Women Wanting More podcast

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 1. What of the 4 More Pillars are you lacking patience in the most? Marriage? Business/Work? Body? Family? 

2. Take out your Journal.

At the top of the page write: 

I CHOOSE to be more patient with _________ because: 

and start writing for one page. 

What insights are you seeing from this exercise? 


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