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WHY did I do that?

WHY did I say that?

WHY did I not do the work to get me to my goals, when really, I KNOW what I need to do?

The past is gone, sister.

You gotta live right here.  Right now.

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In this Episode 50: WHY Did I Do That? I discuss:
*that many women try to figure out the WHY of where they are in their life right now
*how trying to figure out WHY you did something, when you ‘knew better’, is pointless and a waste of time
*the 4 words my new coach said in a recent group coaching call that was an epiphany and the inspiration to this episode
*the best thing you can EVER do is take action on moving to where you want to go and what you want versus wallowing in your misery to where you were in the past


Pick ONE goal you want to achieve within the next 90 days.

This goal has to be measurable, objective, and realistic.

Drop your Story of why you didn’t reach this goal yet in the past, and pick ONE action step you can do TODAY to move you closer to this goal.


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