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Do you talk a good game?

All talk, no action?

Do you make excuses if you don’t hit your targets and outcomes?

Or are you willing to own that motherfucker, and do whatever it takes to make it happen?

In this Episode 67: Do Whatever it Takes, I discuss:

*the crazy drive I had to Calgary with my friend to teach an Essential Oils class, and why we had to turn around and come home

*the solution I came up with, and what I did instead to teach the class but yet, not be in the person to do it

*the commitment that I (and the host of the class, Mindy), made to making this Class happen, no matter what


What is the ONE thing that you are committed to making happen in your Life right now?

Are you doing whatever it takes to get that result, no matter what?

And if not, what is the course correct you can take to make sure that target is hit?

The question to as yourself is this: are you willing to do WHATEVER it takes to get your desired result?

Send me a private message on my personal Facebook page, post on my wall, or on the Women Wanting More FB page, and share WHAT it is you are willing to go after, not matter what, and the necessary actions to hit that target?


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