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They seem so unrelated, right? 
Super sexy and feminine.
Agressive and more masculine energy.
But both of these Experiences are about Power.
I am doing a boudoir shoot in May.
Two days after I turn 49.
It will be my third shoot in 3 years, but I did my first one just before turning 40.
The initial one was the FIRST time I saw myself as sexy.
But then it quickly went away again.
Kids. Practice. Stress. Not putting me first.
Not investing in our Marriage.
Then 2 years ago, I decided to shoot again.
This time, it was POWER and embracing my sexuality and truly loving my Body.
Excited to shoot again to access more of this in May.
So what does Boxing have to do with this??????
I am training to finally compete in my first boxing tournament in June.
I have been trained for over a year and a half.
I fucking LOVE the Power in this, and feel I was born a Fighter.
My body has gained speed and strength and certainty in being able to defend myself in and outside the ring.
As a Woman, that is incredibly Powerful.
There is also a mental and emotional Power that is accessed with how present and certain I need to be and my ability to take a punch.
BOTH Experiences bring me Power.
BOTH Experiences make me feel Alive.
BOTH Experiences are ME.
When I accepted and acknowledged both sides of me,
is when the Alignment and Love for myself began.
There are many sides of you, too.
They are ALL of you.
Express ALL of them.
And step into the Powerful Being you were designed to be. 

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