"Get clear on What you Want in your Life, and everything changes."

Dr. Karen Osburn
Powerful Bad Ass Mindset Coach for Women Who Want MORE

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"Get clear on What you Want in your Life, and everything changes."

Dr. Karen OsburnPowerful Bad Ass Mindset Coach for Women Who Want MORE

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drkarenosburn-about4I’ve always felt like I didn’t fit in with other women.

I didn’t belong.
No one understands me.
No one ‘gets’ me.

At least, that was the Story I told myself.

People told me that I was ‘too much’ of something.

Too intense.
Too passionate.
Too angry.
Too bold.

Just too much, Karen.

Over time, I believed those people, and began to numb.

To be less of ME.
To not be ‘too much’ anymore for anyone, including myself.

I became a Chiropractor.
You most certainly can’t be ‘too much’ as a Doctor.

I became a Mom.
You just gotta tone it down as a Mother, right?
You know, put the kids first, and put your own needs aside.

Even though on the outside, it would appear to most people that I was living Life on my own terms, crushing it in Business, being Fit, Healthy, and had Energy for days, I KNEW.

I KNEW I was playing Life small.

I’d known it or a long time, but had realized that I could be get by with second or third best, and still appear to be kicking ass.

Having it All?
That’s such Bullshit, is the lie I used to tell myself.

I’ll just make do with what I have, be thankful, and live my Life.

I mean, I have a great husband (although we were often more roommates and business partners than lovers),
2 great boys (but yet, I felt like I didn’t want to be a Mom some days, and beat myself up about this),
and a great Chiropractic Practice (but the Truth was, we often struggled to keep it going).

Why should I want More?

But I did.

I felt called to do something BIGGER.
Something different than what I was currently doing with my Life.

To Become and Be MORE.

I just didn’t know what it was, or how to find it, and kept looking for it.

Then I was introduced to this Having it All Lifestyle by Garrett J. White from Warrior on Fire, and everything began to change in My Life.

My Marriage was more passionate than ever, and I felt more Connected to my King.

As a Mom, I was yelling yes, and felt more present and patient with my boys.

I was getting more clear on my Purpose, and my ability to play much Bigger in Life.

I FINALLY got it.

But then The Voice that had been at first whispering in my 20s and 30s, was now screaming at me: NOW is the time.

I wanted to take the message that Garrett was teaching to Men, and bring it to Women.

So that’s what I did with Women Wanting More.

I launched the Women Wanting MORE Podcast in August 20, 2015.

The Message was all about Creating MORE in your Life, and How to Have it All.

It was bold, in-your-face, intense, serious, funny, and 1000% me.
I did not hold anything back.

It was time to be REAL, tell the TRUTH, and to help Women SEE what they could not see.  To create a Possibility of MORE combined with the practical Tools and Systems to get there.

No Vision Boards.
No Woo Woo.

But clearly knowing WHAT you Want,  WHY this mattered, and the Commitment to Doing the Work to get RESULTS.

The Podcast exploded quickly.

I was getting in emails and Facebook messages daily, and the group of loyal listeners was growing and growing every day.

“I felt like you were talking directly to me.”
“How did you get inside my head?”
“Your words really inspired me to changed.”
“My husband and I are having date night again, and our Marriage is healing.”
“I feel more Clear on What I Want in my Life.”
“I LOVE that you swear. ”
Fuck, yes, Sister.

You wanted MORE.

So I created services to give you just that:
One-on-One Coaching
Group Mastermind Coaching
Master Classes
Live Events

and so much MORE coming your way, Sister.

I honour you for being here.

I know you’ve been called to Do and Create MORE in your Life.

I’ve been exactly where you are.
You’re in the right place.

Love and appreciate you,

Dr. Karen Osburn
Bad Ass Mofo Results Coach for Powerful Alpha Females Who Want MORE

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"Your ability to show up powerfully every day in your Life is a CHOICE."

Dr. Karen OsburnPowerful Bad Ass Mindset Coach for Women Who Want MORE

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"Who do you have to become to get what you want in your Life?"

Dr. Karen OsburnPowerful Bad Ass Mindset Coach for Women Who Want MORE

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Jen Schwarz, Health Coach, 90 Days of MORE Client

“Karen, I’m on a plane cross country, connected to wifi, reading your posts and I’m just overflowing with gratitude.

I’m nearly crying on this plane because I’m so happy.

Your message is literally changing my life.

Watching you transform and live in full authenticity had given me so much courage to step into my own power and live authentically.

AND take daily action. I’m so grateful you came my life AND at the perfect time. Thank you.”


Amber Laird, Mother of 4,  Small Business Owner, Runs Online Business with Hudband, Group Mastermind Client

AmberLaird“It got me the fuck out of neutral, wondering why the fuck things weren’t happening in my life.
I have noticed is that I am becoming a lot more purposeful with my time. Trying to remove distractions, asking myself the hard questions.
Learning that there is value in asking for help in areas where my time is better spent doing other things….
Those things are freeing me up to be more present for my kids, my husband, my businesses, and myself.”

In 90 Days Amber…
created over $5k in extra income
*feels more present with her children
*learned the tools to deal with the stress of the death of a family member, and a friend that committed suicide
*got back to regular workouts, and taking care of her Health again
*was able to voice what matters to her in her Marriage, and in co-parenting with her ex-husband

Sara Ragusa, Network Marketer, Mom of 2


“My life is completely different.

I am no longer surrounded in negativity. I value everything around me for what it is. I see the potential in people rather than their downfalls. My marriage is the best it has ever been. And I look forward to the challenges tomorrow will bring because I know I can handle it. I have accepted responsibility for my actions – both good and bad. I know now that I am capable. I am strong.”

Sarah’s outcomes in 90 Days: 2 back to back Whole 30 Challenges (strict paleo), and let go of her addiction to Diet Coke, feels more connected in her Marriage than ever before, stop using multiple hammers on herself daily, and feel more grounded and relaxed

Kari Yasi, Wife, Mom of 2, Health Coach and Entrepreneur

KariYasiWhen I joined the Women Wanting More Sisterhood, I was questioning my marriage – to say the least. I was seriously considering leaving my husband and wondering what life would look like flying solo with two small children. I craved partnership. I desired passion and romance and to be seen — all things I believed had been missing in my marriage for a long, long time, despite my best efforts. I didn’t know if my efforts alone would be enough to “fix” what was broken and I was exhausted. But, I’m not a quitter and if I was going to walk away, it was going to be after working my ass off trying anything and everything possible to turn this ship around. Hence one of the biggest reasons I decided to join WWM.

One of the things I committed to doing in my work with Karen was to choose one love language and apply it daily to my husband. I quickly struggled with this as I didn’t feel or see any changes and my husband didn’t even seem to notice. The anger and resentment that had resided in me for so long that I tried to push down started to peak through. I continued on with gritted teeth and was held accountable for my actions by Karen and the sisterhood – as well as my own sense of “rightness”. One night, it all came crashing down. A huge blowout argument ensued with my husband that resulted in me feeling broken, alone and lost. I was tempted to shut down and walk out – feelings of hopelessness were running strong. Until I reached out to the Sisterhood as I lay crying alone in my bed. Encouraged to do the work and challenged to sit in the pain – in the fire – I went through the process of positive focus and doing “the work” several times until it rang true and I no longer felt broken. No solutions were figured out, no problems were solved – no magic wand was waved that fixed everything. But everything shifted. Everything changed. I continued to do the work and the daily acts of a love language without gritted teeth. I started to learn more about myself and the pieces I was contributing to the discord on a much deeper level. My building blocks of anger were decimated, a deep rooted belief that things had to be MY way (which I wasn’t consciously aware of beforehand) came to the surface and was released.I started to share my truth – in LOVE, not anger – of what I needed and wanted with and from my husband. Slowly, when we disagreed on things, I noticed I no longer felt angry, defensive or personally attacked. I started to respect our differences. The biggest shift I noticed 60 days into working with Karen … I texted my husband I was feeling disconnected and he texted back he noticed this as well (WHAT?! Who is this man who affirms and acknowledges emotional “stuff”?!?!) and THEN he took initiative (one of the things I communicated that I desired) by asking if we could talk about what I needed and what we could do to feel more connected during the busy times. THAT, my sisters, is partnership and connection to me. That is feeling seen and heard and understood.

There is a deeper level of hope than ever before – a confidence that comes with trusting the process and doing the work – diligently and consistently. And there is gratitude for Karen and the sisterhood who continue to play part as they encourage, support and uphold me as I walk through fire. My life will never be the same – my marriage will never be the same – and the ripple effect on my children’s lives and all the people we come in contact with from here on out is endless.

Adrienne Johnson, Mother of 4, Coach

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