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For the longest time, mine was THIS;

People don’t understand Me.
I carried that one around for decades.
Since I was a Kid.
Because, you know, I’m the youngest, and have 2 older brothers.
Because people think I’m bossy and not a leader when I speak up (because I’m female).
Because no one has walked in my shoes.
The truth was,
I didn’t want to let people in.
it was easier to play the Rebel, the Fuck-You Girl.
It was easier to create the Story and the Wall to keep people out.
So I played on the surface.
I didn’t share who I really was.
I held back and played small.
Because, remember…..people don’t understand me
I don’t live my Life with regret.
I believe there are Lessons in EVERYTHING for us to see.
However, the Cost of this Wall,
was a lot of friendships, possible opportunities, and TIME.
Time that I can never get back.
Time that I did not Live me life as fully 100% ME.
Even though I was (and am) that extroverted person.
Most would never have thought I was playing small.
But I was.
If there is anything you can do with the 28 days you have left in 2016 if THIS:
Blow it Up.
Burn it.
Take a jackhammer to it.
And open yourself up to living Life as ALL YOU, Baby.
It’s not as scary as you think.
People will always love or hate you.
You may as well live your life as YOU,
and BE FREE.
Love and appreciate YOU,
Dr. Karen Osburn
Powerful Bad Ass Mindset Mentor
For Women Who Want MORE
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