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In this Episode 200: The Lessons That Boxing Have Taught Me Are THIS, I discuss:

*the Top 4 Lessons I have learned since I began boxing 3-4 months ago 

*Lesson #1: Mindset is Everything: how much your THOUGHTS affect ALL areas of your Life 

*Lesson #2:the importance of being able to harness your Power

*Lesson #3: Show up Every Day (no matter what)

*Lesson #4: Consistency is EVERYTHING: anyone can Start, but can you Continue? 

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Pick one of the 4 Lessons above and apply it to your Life. 

What is the insight you get from this? 

What is ONE ACTION STEP you can take as a result of this insight? 

Then email me (drkaren@drkarenosburn.com), send me a private message on my personal Facebook page, post on my wall, or on the Women Wanting More FB page to let me know how what comes up for you by doing this More Tip. 


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