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In this Episode 28: Make NO Your Best Friend I discuss:

*the sickness we have as women to say yes to almost everything people ask of us

*how we have been raised from little girls to “play nice” and “be nice” to everyone

*how it’s messed up that we think that pleasing others and then making ourselves miserable in the process is okay

*worrying about missing out on an opportunity is not a good enough reason to say YES

*that you need to ONLY say YES to things that line up with your WHY


Consider something someone has asked you to do TODAY.  Before you say yes to it, ask yourself these 2 questions:

1. Gut check the request: does it feel okay to do?

2. Does it align with your WHY?

If it’s not a fuck yes to both, then it’s a hell no.

And OWN that decision!

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