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We all feel FEAR. 

But the question is: do you let it STOP you? 

Do you allow the bullshit story you are creating to take over and rob you of the opportunity for massive personal growth?

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 In this Episode 42: Why You Need to Tell Fear to F*$%k Off, I discuss:

*the fear I had about doing a boudoir photo shoot over 6 years ago, why I did it anyways, and what I got from this (at the time) scary experience

*the current fear I feel about an opportunity to be coached in a new program for women

*that when you face those fears, when you do it even when it scares the shit out of you, you will level up in your Life and grow in such amazing ways

*that fear is way better to experience and move through than regret if you never do it and try


What do you want to do in your Life right now that scares you? 

In your Marriage, Business/Work, your Body…whatever it is that really scares you, take ONE action step within the next 48 hours to move towards doing it.

Start the process of telling Fear to F*$%k off, and just see where it will take you!

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Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life by Byron Katie

My recent FB post on Fear

My friend Jen Williams, boudior photographer bad ass

Warrior on Fire podcast (the inspiration for THIS podcast)

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