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So you’ve been doing your MORE Four. 

Doing the MORE Tips with each epsiode, and starting to do the work of Having it All.

And things have been cruising right along, and then…..

you had one of those days (or weeks) where it feels like everything is going to Hell in a hand basket? 

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In this Episode 48: Why Expansion is a Bitch, I discuss:
*my recent meltdown after a crazy 2 weeks of insane pace, and a massive push towards 2 major targets/goals
*the reflection that this was Expansion that I was experiencing from it that I discovered the next morning when I reflected on it
*that a life of Having it All is FULL of moments of expansion….which can be painful
*but that the Fruit of all your hard work is well worth the pain of periodic expansion when you Level Up on a consistent basis


WHAT recent experience have you had that resulted in a fight with your spouse, losing your patience with your kids or friends, or just a complete fuckin’ meltdown?

Give yourself a day (or less) to reflect on it, sleep on it, journal about it.
I double dog dare you…it’s expansion, sister.

And you are going through completely normal stuff.
Welcome to a Life of Having it All…the price is steep, but the payoff is huge.
Keep going.  


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My Facebook post about my recent meltdown 

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