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Hitting homeruns sure is sexy, isn’t it? 

The trip to Disneyland with the kids.

The big weekend with your husband.

The big business launch or job promotion.

But does life just happen in the home runs? 

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In this Episode 52: It’s All About Swinging Singles,  I discuss:
*the concept of daily consistent action I was first introduced to in Warrior, and then also in my current group coaching program I’m in, ShieldMaiden
*that it’s not super exciting or sexy, but doing just one thing, every day, will get you MASSIVE results
*the accumlation of all those consistent daily actions will produce you MASSIVE results in your Life!

Where in your life right now with your Marriage, Parenting, Business/Work, Body or Spirituality, do you need to focus on swinging singles?
What is the ONE consistent daily action you can do EVERY day to produce what you want in that area of your Life?


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