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In Episode 6: How to Have Hot Sex in Marriage I talk about:

*the history of my relationship and marriage with my husband, as well as the life stresses of infertility and chronic illness that got in the way of our sex life in the past

*how Ed’s coaching with Wake up Warrior began to change everything for us just 3 months ago

*how twice weekly date nights have been the KEY in re-building our intimate physical connection with each other, and how we now schedule in sex (yes, it’s an appointment)

*why you need to stop making the excuse of not finding a sitter and making date nights and sex with your partner a PRIORITY investment in your Marraige


Schedule out your date nights for the next 4 weeks.  At least once a week, and you have to LEAVE the house. Alternate who will make arrangements for a sitter, and will do all the planning for the date night.

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