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I know who I am.

  • Intense.

  • Agressive.

  • Physical.

  • Real.

  • Strong.

I swear.

I’m boxing and training to get in the ring in 2017 and fight for many reasons.
But the biggest one is honouring WHO I AM, and giving this aggressive me a channel to express it.

I know that there will be huge Lessons and POWER on the other side when I win this Fight.
I also understand that this dominate piece of me,
is hard for some to handle.

That’s okay.

I’ve embraced this ME,
and feel the most free and aligned with who I am than I ever have in 47 years.


This part of me is ME, and I communicate and express it in my Message and Movement with Women Wanting More.

But then I had this very eye-opening experience over the last 24 hours……

I was at my own coaching program with 7 powerful women, our Coach Setema, and his marketing guru, Nick in Laguna Beach over the last few days.

Both Setema and Nick had watched the video of my recent Women Wanting More Live Event (hyperlink to if here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5O5YbnIldeo)
, and had both shared something interesting.

They loved the side of me you see below that was the narrative I shot for my WWM Live Event video.

What was so special about that?
It’s just my taking head.

I answered 4 questions my video guy said to talk about.
Held up my iPhone and stood in my home and pushed record.

I didn’t get it.
I didn’t see it.

So I sat with both Nick and Setema at two separate times yesterday, and asked him the same question:
What did you see in that part of the video that was so great?

And they used words like:

Setema said there was something that drew him in when he saw that side of me, that he has not seen before.

I shot those videos about 5 days after the Live Event,
and I was still on this incredible High.

It was the most incredible sense of Calm Power in those 2 1/2 days than I’ve ever experienced.

I felt so tuned in to everything that was happening.
Like my Senses were heightened,
and I could SEE and HEAR everything.

I was so Open.

These 6 women taught me so much,
and it was an HONOUR to deliver this Event for them.

The transformations were incredible.
Their honesty was so brave.
The speed at which they got real was insane.

It was so BEAUTIFUL.

Even still, almost 4 weeks later,
it’s difficult for me to put into words the Power of it all.

So I believe the video I shot shows that side of me.

But here’s the crazy part…..
I have NEVER seen myself that way.

I equated this way of Being as:

And in these conversation with Nick and Setema,
I realized that POWER can be Lived in different ways.

Fierce and in your face
Calm and laser focused giving Space.

Agressive and Physical
Intentionally being Still.

Raw and Cutting with the Truth
Peaceful and Grounded in what is Reality.

The are BOTH ways to be Powerful.
They are BOTH ways to achieve the same Result.
They are BOTH parts of Me.

So the ME I am becoming,
will be accepting of this side of me.

Open to it.

It is not a different me,
nor will I EVER change me to ‘fit’ or be liked by others.

That shit is never happening.

that the more I uncover WHO I AM,
which helps me lead women to uncover who THEY are,
that the Volume of ME can be turned up and down.

And whatever volume I choose to be in that moment,
to Lead, Communicate with and Serve my
is still ME.

The Volume of YOU
can be adjusted and adapted for who you need to be in each moment, too.

Don’t be afraid to adjust that dial, my friend.

We NEED all levels of YOU.

We SEE them.

Even if you don’t yet.

Love and appreciate YOU,
Karen Osburn
Powerful Leader and Mindset Coach
for Women Who Want MORE

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